Carex sect. Surculosae Index

1 Leaves densely hairy abaxially; utricles 2.5-3 mm, ovate-rhomboid, upper part with brownish red papillae. 32  C. kwangsiensis    广西薹草
+ Leaves glabrous; utricles 3.5-4 mm, elliptic or oblong, without papillae (2)
2(1) Utricles loosely hairy, beak ca. 1/3 length of utricle, orifice prominently 2-toothed; radical leaves shorter than culms; female glumes mucronate. 33  C. oligostachya    少穗薹草
+ Utricles glabrous, beak ca. 1/2 length of utricle, orifice not prominently 2-toothed; radical leaves longer than culms; female glumes not mucronate. 34  C. tsiangii    三念薹草

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