Carex sect. Polystachyae Index

1 Utricles inflated, red to purplish red. 5  C. baccans    浆果薹草
+ Utricles not inflated, pale green to brown (2)
2(1) Utricles ovate-globose, flatly trigonous, 3-3.5 mm, shortly beaked, margins of upper part hairy; female glumes hairy abaxially; persistent sheaths pale brown. 8  C. composita    复序薹草
+ Utricles obovate-lanceolate, obtusely trigonous, 3.5-4 mm, with beak of medium length, margins of upper part scabrid; female glumes glabrous abaxially; persistent sheaths dark brown (3)
3(2) Inflorescence branches few spiked; spikes often single; female glumes pale green, margins membranous and brown. 6  C. myosurus    鼠尾薹草
+ Inflorescence branches many spiked; spikes binate; female glumes brown, margins hyaline. 7  C. eminens    显异薹草

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